Are you tired of feeling stuck and frustrated with your life and are ready to do whatever it takes to move forward?


Hi, I’m Susan Somerset-Webb, known as the Life Curator, and I’m the luckiest woman alive. I get to help entrepreneurial women all over the world get out of their own way about Money and Success. Years ago, in my quest to make a difference, I gave up the idea that it was necessary for everyone to ‘get it’. Now I work exclusively with professional women who are ready, willing and able to get WAY out of their comfort zone so they can step into their power with grace and ease.



March 15, 2016



Let’s face it: you probably know what you need to do to change some things in your life.  You go to bed each night telling yourself, “Tomorrow will be different” and wake up each morning committed to completing your to-do list, actually making those phone calls and keeping those appointments.  But pretty quickly, something happens and once again, you find yourself at the end of the day wondering why you won’t just do what needs to be done, and why you’re just not getting what you really want out of life.



  • I’m just too busy to get everything done.  It’s never going to happen.

  • I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t really start anything at all.

  • I know I’m getting sidetracked by doing projects that are less important than the projects I should be doing.

  • I’m just so tired all the time and have no energy to make myself do what needs to be done.

  • Everyone else is moving forward with their lives except for me.

  • Other people just experience success faster and easier than I do.

  • I’ve been stuck at this level for awhile.  I never seem to do any better so I can afford the house/car/ vacations I really want.


You’ve probably tried all the tricks you know to start seeing some change in your life, right?  You’ve gone to seminars, you’ve read books, you’ve done meditation, you’ve embraced your Higher Self, etc, etc.  And still, nothing is working!  Why is that?


It’s not working because you are trying to consciously change things but your subconscious is what is stopping you.  Nothing will change until your subconscious starts to respond differently for you!


I know exactly what you are experiencing because I have lived through being “stuck” in life myself.  After years of wondering what the problem was and countless hours and dollars spent on trying to solve my seemingly unsolvable problems, I finally realized the one thing that changed my life…


Real, lasting meaningful change happens

only at the subconscious level.


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Who am I and why should you listen to me?

In 2002, I experienced a pivotal moment in my life. I  became very sick, to the point of being bedridden, which ultimately left me bankrupt and suicidal.  It was in my darkest hours that someone introduced me to what would finally become the guiding light in my life, enabling me to embrace a different way of living. Because of that experience and the profound way in which it changed my life, I now help women all over the world leave the darkness behind, recognize their greatness and live to their highest potential.


With more than 15 years of experience, I have mastered the ability to help others recognize and remove the limiting beliefs that lurk in their subconscious. I lead my audiences and clients to a deeper understanding of how their subconscious minds control the decisions they make and why this could ultimately be holding them back.





Today, I LOVE my life!  I have learned that life’s lessons and occurrences may not be constant and consistent.  After all, what happens can offer happiness or pain. However,  I now know that I can be the constant in my own life by managing my emotions and my mindset. I am now dedicated to sharing that same knowledge and more importantly, teaching others how to take action and apply it in their own lives.


You now have the opportunity to make 2016 the kind of year you really want to have by joining me and other like-minded women entrepreneurs in this exciting workshop:






This 8 week course will show you WHY what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and WHAT YOU CAN DO  to stop the cycle of frustration and instead, experience a cycle of accomplishment and results!





  • Immediately identified, addressed and stopped stress so that you made clear and conscious decisions that showed up as significant positive changes in your life.

  • Eliminated worry, doubt and confusion so you didn’t second guess yourself and instead, were confident about your choices.

  • Stopped behavioral patterns that have kept you broke, overweight, sad, frustrated or lonely (just to name a few) and started being happy, healthy and financially secure?

  • Developed new life-changing beliefs so that your every day actions showed up as new habits, not effort





What if you got up every day feeling happy for no reason?  How would this change your life?  This is the number one rule in life and yet people still don’t understand it.  Get happy first and then everything else shows up.  It’s really not the other way around (get the right job, enough money, right partner, etc and then you’ll be happy).  Studies have shown that successful people are successful because they are happy.  They aren’t happy because they are successful.  See the difference?


It’s not what’s happening to you, it’s what’s happening inside you


So what will you get in this workshop?

  • 8 weeks (16 hours) of live teaching and training from Susan

  • Handouts and worksheets so you can follow along, take notes and save all information for future implementation

  • Susan’s book, “Tap It! The EFT Playbook”

  • Mp3 downloadable recordings of all class sessions

  • Q & A group calls with Susan

  • Masterminding and high level networking with the other students

  • Bonus 30 minute private session with Susan where she will create a customized blueprint for you to follow

  • Repeat this course twice…PAY ONLY ONCE! No strings attached. Just keep showing up the next time Susan teaches this transformational course to get new nuggets of awareness and have breakthrough after breakthrough and PAY ONLY ONCE!


If you were to purchase all of these separately, you would spend


and that would still be a great deal!


But I wanted to make this as simple for you as possible so I decided you could get all of this today for


ONLY $997!!!




I decided to make it a no brainer and as my 2016 gift to you, the tuition investment will be







Ask Me About A Payment Plan 


 The best time to make 2016 a fantastic year is in the beginning of that year.  Don’t wait until you are feeling frustrated and as if you are going to once again, repeat the same year you’ve had for the last several.  Get out of your repetitive “ground hog day” mode and into inspired action!



  • Feel unable to move forward in their life or their business

  • Often feel paralyzed by fear, doubt or insecurity so that they frequently feel hopeless

  • Feel as if they have done “everything” (workshops, workbooks, listen to motivational audios) but no matter what they do, nothing is working

  • Go through their days feeling overwhelmed, depressed and convinced nothing will ever change

  • Realize that their own beliefs, attitudes and actions are part of the problem but can’t seem to change their thoughts or behaviors







I will show you how to do just that.  Using proven science-based techniques, I will lead you to fully understand the science behind why you think and act like you do, and then show you how to become free.  No more wishing for a life you think you can’t have!  Transforming the life you have into the life you want IS possible!

If you are ready to create new habits so that your actions become effortless, and you want to learn how to reprogram yourself for success with a scientifically proven way to do just that, simply click on the button below NOW!




7-9PM Eastern/6-8PM Central/

5-7PM Mountain/4-6PM Pacific


Tuition Investment $997





Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after attending all 8 classes you are not 100% satisfied with the 8 week online course we will gladly refund your tuition!

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* “Susan’s Get Out Of  Your Head And Into Your Life EFT class came at a really chaotic time in my life, when I really couldn’t afford to put my time and attention somewhere unless it had real value to it – this class caused positive changes within me almost immediately…..furthermore, what I learned from Susan I was able to apply practically and instantly to real challenges I was facing (with all that I was pushing myself to achieve) and it absolutely paid off! Learning when and how to apply EFT eased my mind, stopped the all-too-familiar downward spiralling of fearful thoughts, and resulted in less time spent “paralyzed” by indecision. I gained all this without even being able to attend all the classes – just imagine how much more I could have gained with full attendance! I’ve known Susan for approx. 4 years now – as a friend and a peer – she’s smart, funny, kind & authentic, but above all that, she gets results. She walks her talk and, as long as you do your part, she will see you through to the end – you will achieve all that you are capable of. There are so many workshops and classes in circulation – many of them promise to change your life – few of them actually could…even if you gave them your full commitment. Susan’s classes WILL teach you the tools you need so that YOU can change your life….in fact, once you’ve mastered EFT with Susan Somerset-Webb, changing your life for the better will be just the beginning.  ~ Ruby Hands

* “I was one of those women that could not join live but I feel like I accomplished a great deal wit this course. Prior to the course I sought Susan’s help in dealing with the grief associated with the loss of a dear dear friend. I’ll always miss my friend, but going through the Psych K process helped me tremendously. Consequently taking the course was a “no brainer.” I didn’t have anything in particular that I was working on when I started but as it turned out, I realized that I was allowing myself to get caught up in the drama of other people’s lives. These are individuals whom I call my friends. I love them and care about them but I am prone to being over empathetic and trust me, there’s nothing good about that. Caring about others should not involve losing yourself in their drama (real or otherwise). I’ve been making it a practice to stand my ground and/or back away from situations where I cannot add value, where I’m not helping anyone and least of all myself by acknowledging the drama. I’m here to help my friends for sure, but I can’t go down the rabbit hole with them. Susan has helped me to see that so very clearly. Thank you, Susan. xoxo “ ~ Lourdes Welhaven

* “Participating in Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life was something I needed to do for myself. At first I didn’t think it would be possible as I live in Australia. I was so relieved to hear I could participate. I have received a great deal of self learning here, enjoyed the encouragement of Susan and group members and hardly noticed the medium of video conferencing – it felt like we were all in the same room much of the time. I love Susan’s directness and “take no prisoners” approach. It has forced me to be brutally honest with myself. I have a long way to go but I know how to get out of overwhelm now – and that sense of overwhelm has been my biggest block. Thank you Susan!”                                    ~ Saskia Cowles

* “I had used EFT before and it had been somewhat helpful at that time. However, the things I’ve learned working with Susan in the GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR LIFE class that enhanced the effects of EFT for me are: A. consistency of use; tapping like most tools, are more effective with consistent use. I really have been peeling away at some deep layers and releasing a lot of overwhelming feelings and stress by being consistent with the work and the group support. B. Organization, Susan’s method for organizing the class and topics to be strategic for busy women is fantastic. She teaches us the method so life doesn’t just seem like madness. And C. Susan’s high level of intuition, caring and expertise are exceptional. I have worked with so many healing professionals, some better than others of course. Susan’s work and knowledge have made a significant improvements for me where others have fallen short. My clarity of mind in decision making due to this work has led me to feel more grounded and engaged in my own life. Susan and her work are profound and exceptional. Thank you Susan for all your guidance and caring.” ~ Dr. Paula Parker

* “I always liked the idea of tapping and doing EFT, but being in the “Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life” class actually GOT ME tapping…and with tremendous results! I am really feeling the effects of a calm and centered mindset to start my day.  I have tools for the constant overwhelm that was paralyzing me in my business and my personal life.  Best of all, feeling HAPPY is usually just a few taps away! I also made great friends and close connections with the other people in the group.  As a professional mentor, I always feel comfortable referring  my clients to you Susan Somerset Webb.  I thank you for sharing your brilliance and patience with me. I am SO GLAD I TOOK THIS CLASS.♥” ~ Lisa Villa Prosen

* “I want to thank Susan Somerset-Webb  and the wonderful group of supportive women who participated in the Get Out Of Your Head 8 week online course over the past 2 months. It was an honest and emotionally powerful journey into exploring the roadblocks that keep us stuck and separated from our joy and our authentic selves. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have further developed tapping skills and an arsenal of supportive tools and inspirational reminders to keep me focused and on track with my true purpose and higher goals. Being happy was the greatest message I’ve taken into my day to day activities and tapping to get to and stay in that place of happiness is something I’m using daily. The course was truly invaluable & Susan is a down-to-earth, sensitive and caring leader who responds to the needs of all during this positive group work. I highly recommend this experience for others on the path of self-development!!” ~ Linda Rowett

* “Each week I looked forward to this class and all the tapping opportunities that arose from the conversations that took place. That is what I loved about the weekly sessions–Susan seated at her computer during the class was visible on my monitor which made it feel like a real class attendance. Everyone was honest if things came up and that was the best part: the interaction with other members and what they were experiencing, and being able to post my comments to what was said. I love the format and think it is wonderful to interact with people from around the world in such an intimate and immediate way. Thank you Susan for providing such a healing format for us all.” ~ Kat Moran

* “Thank you again Susan for allowing me to be authentic. This was my second go around taking your course and I didn’t realize how much of my thoughts and feelings were still getting in my way of my true happiness. Thank you for the tools of EFT and for being a wonderful support so I can finally uncover my true brilliance.” ~ Allyson Lipnack

* ” In my short 24 years of life, I never knew that I had the power to change what I always believed. Once I began to practice EFT/Psych-K with Susan Somerset Webb, my outlooks, self-perception, emotional responses and conscious beliefs changed for the better. I gathered clarity, accountability, structure, social maturity and best of all, courage! I let go of people who created limits for me, started taking better care of my self physically, emotionally, and spiritually; eventually established a stronger relationship with God. Now that I know this practice and how it works best for me I’ve encouraged many others to consider feeling the freedom that I’m experiencing. Thank you Susan for being an inspiration to people like me who are just getting started in life!” ~ Indya Minnis

* “Having just completed the getting out of your head and into your life, online course, inspired me to say thank you. Often times Susan has inspired me, frustrated me, brought me to tears and made me laugh out loud. She has the tenacity that keeps me pushing my edge and an authentic way to tell you like it is. I know I have grown into “my” deeper truth because of Susan’s passion to share EFT and our wonderful kindred sister’s master mind group, with much gratitude, Namaste Susan.” ~ Patricia Marlene Thompson

* “Susan’s skill is awesome, along with her personal warmth, acceptance and intuition, she offers an opportunity for growth and self-love. I recommend ‘get out of your head and into your life’ program with an honest heart. Thank you Susan for listening and sharing your wealth of knowledge with our group, I am eternally grateful. I very enthusiastically recommend working with Susan.” ~ Bushra Sabihuddin

* “I am so grateful to have enrolled in the Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life tapping class. Susan’s experience, intuition and obvious caring added invaluable insight to our work. She made it so easy to tap along with her, week after week. With the addition of the facebook group, I knew that I was never alone; that everyone in the class was there to support me, just as I am there for each of them. I now feel that I have tools to deal with impactful experiences on an emotional level. I am more confident and authentic than I was at the beginning of the 8 weeks. I can truthfully say that my tapping, done under the guidance of Susan Somerset Webb, has allowed me to take my power back in relationships. Thank you Susan and all of my fellow tappers.” ~ Charlie Lee

* “When I came across EFT and Susan Somerset Webb I was deep in overwhelm at home, in life and with myself. Everything and I mean everything set me into overwhelm. I was on an anxiety roller-coaster helpless to get off or even slow it down so I could jump. I literally met Susan by happenstance, the world opened up and let me attend an event (something I never get to do) so that I could meet her. She knew I needed help as much as I wanted help in my life.  My first class was great, I had not felt peace or slept a whole night without waking in ages and I did both after on session.The following day I felt like I was on cloud nine, “literally walking on sunshine” In one class I learned how to get myself out of overwhelm and not just stop the roller-coaster I was on but completely change the ride. The support of my class members and Susan is a priceless resource and I am so grateful to have tools to handle my overwhelm. My work is not over, I am still learning to make the most of my tools but I would not have a goal to work towards without Susan’s help and for that I am eternally grateful.” ~ Leah Christians

* “When I met Susan I was going through a transition in my life. I had done the same thing for 25 years. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t do it anymore. Being a single Mom with two kids this is a scarey situation. I was stuck and hopeless. How could I provide for my family? How can I get out of pain? I was barely leaving the house. I had PTSD and aniexty attacks that were paralyzing me. Me, the carefree, loving person was gone withered away to an empty shell. Then I met Susan. She taught me EFT . I resisted but she didn’t give up on me. Now I’ve finished two of her classes and one on one sessions and I’m happy again. I’m finding a new passion. I’m the Mom I am suppose to be. I’ve met great women that are a beautiful support system. I no longer have to go it alone. I am so grateful to have Susan Somerset-Webb in my life…especially because I have a life again! Thank you Susan” ~ Lynda Beattie McClement

* “I have worked with Susan Somerset Webb for over three years, and EFT has changed my life. The Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life online course helped emphasize all the ways in which I continue to stand in the way of my own success, giving me a powerful tool to break those cycles while having the support of a phenomenal group of women going through similar struggles. Thank you Susan!”    ~ Nicole Thomas Bible